Terms and ConditionsUpdated: 1 August 2020

WASP (Service) provides registered customers the right to use and benefit from WASP services under the terms and conditions stated herein. Accordingly, the customer is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of Client ID, User ID, and is responsible for all obligations arising from misuse of one of the customer's User IDs and passwords, including unauthorized use by third parties.

Customers are responsible for information, files, data sent and received through the Internet.

Customers are required to comply with all rules and conditions set by the WASP service, the Customer does not abuse the Service that will cause damage to other parties.

WASP has the right to suspend or cancel customer access to the Service, for any violation of these terms and conditions by the customer, including but not limited to failure to make timely payments for services. In such case, the canceled customer will still be responsible for all remaining payment obligations.

As compensation for the Service, the customer is required to make payments to WASP including non-refundable registration and the first month fee is paid at the time of registration, and the next monthly subscription fee, including if any, additional fees for other services requested by the customer, paid before the due date tempo every month. In the event that the WASP engineer has been called to attend an error at the customer's place, WASP will charge the customer for the visit.

All fees charged for services must be based on a list of prices determined by WASP, subject to 10% government tax, and may change from time to time. In the event of a price change, WASP will announce changes in the WASP service, and customers will be notified by their e-mail within 14 days before the effective date of the change.

Payment services can be done via Bank transfer, Cash. For bank transfers, customers are required to fax proof of payment by fax or by e-mail. Any changes in payment mode must be submitted to WASP by fax or e-mail to billing@wasabi-erp.vip.

WASP is responsible for providing services based on the package requested by the customer at the time of registration. Customers must have access to all forms of support available at WASP by contacting the Customer Care Call Center, email to cs@wasabi-erp.vip.

WASP must ensure customer privacy and confidentiality, except where Indonesian law requires disclosure of that information. Although WASP will do everything in its power to ensure the operation of the Service in top condition, WASP does not guarantee that the service will not be interrupted or error free. WASP is not responsible for the quality of the general telecommunications infrastructure, internet backbone and equipment needed for the Service, and other circumstances beyond WASP's control. WASP is not responsible for losses arising from disruptions from services due to natural disasters, fires, sabotage, war, and other circumstances due to changes in government policies governing WASP's operating environment.

WASP has the right to partially or completely change the terms and conditions of the subscription.

WASP will inform customers of any such changes through the WASP Web Site and / or e-mail.